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The firm was co-founded in by 1978 Newell Arnerich and Robert Diaz in Berkeley, California. This grew to offices in Los Angeles, Oakland and Honolulu. The founding practice's work focused on large scale mixed use commercial - residential projects in the western United States. By late 1979, the firm opened and managed a joint venture office in London, England with projects located throughout the Middle East. With consistently high standards of design, ad has established a record for securing challenging and diverse commissions both nationally and internationally.

The firm's international commissions brought about accelerated global communication and clarity of thought and presentation. During the early 1980s, ad began early use of CAD systems and construction cost data base compiling as an added value resource to our firm's overall capabilities.  ad's work during this decade broadened to include a greater depth of technology use in interior design, beyond commercial building design.

A central point of ad's work is the interdependence between architecture and interior design in order to achieve a cohesive experience that evokes creative spaces. This relationship has greatly enhanced the firm's resources throughout the 1980's and into the 21st century. The relationship as architects and interior designers distinguishes our firm from those firms who offer separate and individual services without the asset of professional architects.

The firm enjoys repeat ongoing commissions with clients such as University of Southern California, NantWorks, UC Berkeley, Morgan Stanley, Mercury Insurance Group, American Express Company, ICANN and many others. We strive to build and maintain long term relationships with all of our clients, regardless of size.


Our work is based on pluralism and not on a particular style. Creative environments are the evolution of ideas, past experiences, discipline and on dreams. ad is dedicated to improving the environment, dedicated to sustaining the environment and dedicated to improving environments for people. Each of our clients has differing needs of budgets, schedules and standards.

We treat each client in a unique way, while infusing our collective experiences from other projects. We are always learning and improving our skills and technology. Most importantly, we instill creativity in the process while managing projects with great discipline and extraordinary cost controls.

Our goal is to provide quality professional architectural, planning and management services to all our clients. Our clients are not just our customers but rather our business partners achieving success together. We work closely with our clients to provide leadership and guidance in achieving successful business plans. Our challenge to ourselves is to stretch and extend creative thinking to manage and produce uniquely satisfying environments.

The quality of our relationships with past, present and repeat clients is our commitment to service and excellence.       


- Construction Drawings
- Detailing
- Specifications
- Furniture & Finishes Documentation
- Engineering Coordination
- Permitting Submissions

- General Contractors'
- List & Qualifications
- Project Manual &
- Bidding Forms
- Clarifications
- Bid Analysis
- Contract Award

- Computer Aided Drafting & Design (CADD)
- Systems Management
- Facilities Support
- Updating Facilities

- Documentation/Inventory of existing furniture
- Work Space Standards Documentation
- New Work Space Definition/Standards
- Furniture Budget & Estimating
- Manufacturer Showroom Touring
- In-Office Mock-up Systems Furniture
- Custom Work Station Detailing & Model
- Custom Furniture Design & Detailing
- Color/Finishes Boards
- Artwork Selection
- Interior Graphics Layout
- Specification Documentation
- Bidding & Negotiation
- Bid Analysis
- Project Scheduling
- Vendor Coordination
- Contract Award
- On-site Meetings
- Alternative Cost
- Proposal Review
- Contract Administration
- Installation Coordination
- Punch List
- Final Acceptance of Deliverables

- Building Integrity
- Seismic Resistance
- ADA Compliance Evaluation
- Security
- User Compatibility
- Use Permit/Planning Process
- Forensic Investigations

- Master Planning
- Field Verification
- Block Diagrams
- Fit Planning
- Improvement Estimates
- Project Phasing &Scheduling Analysis
- Budget Comparisons

- Personnel Analysis
- Expansion Needs
- Adjacencies
- Alternatives
- Space Optimization
- Systems Requirements
- Improvement Budgeting

- Project Scheduling
- Vendor Coordination
- Contract Administration
- Contract Award
- On-site Meetings
- Alternative Cost
- Proposal Review
- Budget Controls
- Project Close

- Identity Program
- Thematic Concept
- Specifications & Bidding

- Creative Form
- Thematic Branding
- Market Responsiveness
- Illustrations
- Schematic Alternatives
- Expansion Planning
- Conceptual Finishing
- Lighting
- Furniture
- Systems Layout
- Improvement Budgeting
- Image Reflection



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Southern California Office

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